JK Rowling fans are, at this point, rather exhausted of the constant Harry Potter material she seems to keep providing – for instance, a gay Dumbledore added as an afterthought to a dubiously scripted stage play. Since then, even the most devoted enthusiasts have been wishing that she would just accept that the series has ended.

But if one were to put aside her Twitter ravings about the magical community’s bathroom habits, Rowling has been quite successful. Her novels for adults have been well-received, and the screenplays for the Fantastic Beasts series are remarkably conceptualised.

Never before, however, has she come up with a project as exciting as The Ickabog. What was written as a bedtime story for Rowling’s children is now being released in a form that is almost blasphemously underrated: the serialised story. Rowling has used her position as a household name to do something that is truly miraculous. In a situation where nobody knows what the next day will bring, where motivation even to wake up is hard to find, she has managed to make people all over the world – believers and non-believers of magic alike – look forward to reading a new episode of fairytale every day.

There is something...

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