~ 1 ~

At the entrance to heaven
A tourism poster hangs
I stand beneath it
Holding immigration papers

No more music now
No more of counting the stars
In the circus of fairies and nymphs

The band plays
Many hippos, many giraffes
And a walrus
Moving in a queue
Towards the entrance to heaven

Beneath the tourism poster
I wonder, floating in my dream,
When I will wake up
And tell the boy at the tea shop
Can you wash the cup in warm water
And give me some tea

~ 2 ~

I’ll see only the eyes
Of the man who’s playing the violin
When he’s done playing
He’ll talk to a cat
Walking along the top of a wall
The cat will disappear
Then he will put the violin to bed
And say words of love
To a poem
I’ll see only his eyes
Eyes in which October is blazing
The man who’s playing the violin

~ 3 ~

The afternoon ended at this point
At the crossroads anguished by echoes

Before that
The summary of your figure
Touched my heart
In a very short time
And, like an echo
Vanished in vibrations

The afternoon ended at this anguished crossroads

Perhaps this is the best way to be
When the traffic lights turn green
From the anguished crossroads, two echoes
Vanished in their respective directions

~ 4 ~

A black man with a banjo
A Spaniard with a guitar
Listening to them
He climbs up to the concrete freeway
He can hear the drumbeats of...

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