China is prepared to cooperate with India and other BRICS nations in the development of vaccines against COVID-19, said Chinese President Xi Jinping as he proposed to convene a BRICS symposium on traditional medicine to explore its role in coronavirus prevention and treatment.Speaking at 12th BRICS summit, Xi said: "It is important that we support WHO's a crucial leadership role in this endeavour. As we speak, Chinese companies are working with their Russian and Brazilian partners on phase-III clinical trials of vaccines, and we are prepared to have cooperation with South Africa and India as well. China has joined the COVAX facility, a platform on which we will share vaccines with other countries, developing countries in particular.""We will actively consider providing vaccines to BRICS countries where there is a need. To support the development of the BRICS Vaccine R & D Center, China has designated its own national center. We will work with other BRICS countries both online and .

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