What’s common between these couples? Bakhtawar Master and S Venkataraman. Maria Manjil and Sandeep Jain. Rupa and Razi Abdi.

Master, a Parsi woman, fell in love with and married Venkataraman, a Hindu Tamilian, in 1958 against the wishes of her family. The story of Jain marrying the Catholic Manjil in 1998 is no different, as is the marriage of Rupa Abdi, born in a Hindu Brahmin family, with Razi Abdi, a Shia Muslim.

Drawing attention to these stories is the India Love Project, an online forum launched in October by journalists Priya Ramani and Samar Halarnkar, along with writer Niloufer Venkataraman. It brings together first-person accounts of love and marriage across the faultlines of religion and caste on Instagram and Facebook. Some stories are told by the children, even grandchildren, of the couples.

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