Indian-origin economist and author Meghnad Desai resigned from the United Kingdom’s Labour Party on Thursday, citing the outfit’s failure to tackle anti-Semitic racism within the party ranks, reported PTI.

Desai, 80, who has been a Labour Party supporter for 49 years, said he was forced to take the decision after former party leader Jeremy Corbyn was readmitted after just 19 days of suspension despite findings of “unlawful acts” by the country’s human rights watchdog.

“It was a very peculiar decision to allow him back without any apology,” Desai said, according to PTI. “He has been refused the party whip in the House of Commons for a few months, but that is a very lame response to a very big crisis.”

Last month, the Labour Party had suspended Corbyn after he reportedly downplayed a report by the UK’s The Equality and Human Rights Commission on the “serious failings” in the party’s handling of anti-Semitism complaints during his 2015-2019 leadership, reported Reuters.

Corbyn had reacted to the report saying that the scale of the anti-Semitism problem within the party had been “overstated” by the media and his political opponents, and his attempts to deal with the matter had been blocked by “obstructive party bureaucracy”.

Later, on November 17, Corbyn was readmitted into...

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