6.45 am: Joe Biden projects optimism about the election results and vote counts, saying, “The process is working”. “Democracy is sometimes messy,” Biden tells reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. “It sometimes requires a little patience as well.”

“The senator and I continue to feel very good about where things stand. We have no doubt that when the count is finished Sen. Harris and I will be declared the winners. So, I ask everyone to stay calm — all people to stay calm. The process is working. The count is being completed. And we’ll know very soon. So thank you all for your patience but we’ve got to count the votes.”

6.37 am: Judges in Georgia and Michigan dismissed Trump campaign lawsuits, undercutting a campaign legal strategy to attack the integrity of the voting process in states where the result could mean the president’s defeat, AP reports.

In Michigan, the campaign had sought to stop counting of absentee ballots, while in Georgia it had alleged that even improper ballots were being counted.

The rulings...

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