The 2020 United States elections are now over, as is the 2020 Bihar Legislative Assembly election. To protect the integrity of the US elections, the big platform companies announced a range of initiatives. How many of these initiatives have also been in place in Bihar, where voters went to the polls at the same time? We don’t know, but some of the publicly announced initiatives seem to have been targeted only or primarily at the United States.

If voters in Bihar do not enjoy the same protections as voters in California, at least they are not alone. November is not an election month only in the United States (population 329 million) and Bihar (population 99 million), but also in Brazil (population 211 million), where municipal elections are coming up.

Will people there benefit from the same initiatives as American voters?

Brazil and Bihar alone has a population almost as large as the entire United States. In December, Ghana, Niger, and Indonesia will hold elections at various levels. Their combined population too is about the same as the United States.

Will social media users there be protected the way their peers in the United States are?

India is already the largest market in the world in terms of...

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