India may have seen its peak in terms of Covid-19 cases in September, with the graph resolutely pointing downwards since then, but its capital city has not been able to rest easy. That is because Delhi, after already dealing with two spikes in new cases in June and September, has in November seen its worst figures yet.

On November 19, the city recorded 7,546 new cases with 98 deaths, taking the total toll to 8,041. The highest number of cases had been reported on November 11 with around 8,593 cases. That week, the city recorded an average 7,000 fresh cases daily. On November 18, Delhi recorded 131 deaths, the highest so far because of the virus. Additionally, it recorded 21% of all new deaths in India in the past week, Livemint reported on November 19.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called this surge the “third wave” of the virus in Delhi. In response, the Delhi government has increased fines for not wearing masks from Rs 500 to Rs 2,000, withdrawn a decision to allow weddings with up to 200 guests and forwarded to the Central government a proposal to shut down markets that are seeing big crowds. Additionally, the Union Home Ministry has intervened to scale up...

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